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Your calendar isn’t the only thing that can give you insights into the week ahead. In our new monthly column, Workstrology, the expert astrologers at Sanctuary chart the energies, oppositions, and smart moves for your sign. Taurus (April 20-May 20) As the sun luxuriates in your sign this month, your sense of identity, modes of self-expression, […]

WeWork’s 2019 Global Impact Report reveals how WeWork helps individuals and businesses thrive, energizes neighborhoods, and accelerates economic growth in 75 cities around the world. Here are some of our community’s stories. When Karuna Consulting moved its headquarters from suburban Leawood, Kansas, to the sprawling WeWork Corrigan Station in Kansas City, Missouri, social-media and digital-marketing […]

Fitness and lifestyle brand Athleta knows the value of parents and children playing sports together. On April 25, the retailer joined forces with WeWork to bring a yoga and movement class to those families celebrating Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day at WeWork Chelsea HQ. Beyond Athleta, a new crop of athletic programs […]

Even though every bit of news about climate change is, well, terrifying, it’s comforting and empowering to remember that small adjustments to our daily lives can make a big difference to Mother Nature. Each of these shoppable items (all created by WeWork members or sold at Made by We in New York City) make being […]