Already forgot your resolutions? Seven apps to get you back on track

Here’s the bad news: about 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

As the shiny promise of a clean slate rubs off and we get back into the daily grind, it’s tempting to let those end-of-year pacts we made fall by the wayside. Ready to give up on the ones you swore you’d tackle this year? Not so fast. We’ve rounded up seven of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and paired them with some of our favorite apps to help you stay on track.

Resolution: Boost your financial health

There’s a new app on the block and it’s helping people rethink the way they make financial decisions. Albert (available for iOS, with Android coming soon) is still young, but undoubtedly off to a solid start. After securely connecting your accounts (banking, investment, retirement, etc.), Albert takes a look at the overall picture to gauge your financial health. From there, the app provides real-life, actionable recommendations, like how to avoid credit card fees or purchase insurance.

Resolution: Pursue happiness

Looking to take a page from The Happiness Project? You’ll love The Happiness Planner, which is designed to cultivate happiness through positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development. The WeWork Transbay member created a beautiful physical planner, but if digital’s more up your alley, their brand-new app will do the trick. Use it to discover what makes you happy, track the things you’re excited about, set goals for yourself, increase self-awareness, and feel inspired to seek meaning in your everyday routine.

Resolution: Get organized

In a crowded space full of list-making and note-taking apps, it’s easy to overlook Google Keep, but that’s where it’s most powerful: in its simplicity. Google Keep (available for iOS and Android) functions like a pared-down version of Evernote, letting users create to-do lists, notes, and save clippings, all while syncing to their Google account. You can easily toggle between your work and personal accounts, add tags for easy search functionality, and install the Chrome extension to save to Google Keep with a single click. (If you’re in the market for an app that’s a little more visually appealing, give Notebook a try!)

Resolution: Improve your health

Health-focused resolutions often take center stage come the first of the year, but it’s not all about diet and exercise. Drinking water is an essential—and often overlooked—part of our routines. To make sure you’re consuming the recommended eight glasses a day, turn to Waterlogged (available for iOS and Android). It gamifies the process and helps users keep tabs on how often they’re hydrating.

Resolution: Revamp your nighttime routine

In recent years, science has shed a spotlight on the importance of sleep: getting enough not only increases concentration and productivity but also decreases the risk of diseases like diabetes. Especially in this day and age, unplugging is easier said than done. Though we don’t condone sleeping with your phone in your bed—ultimately the goal is to fall asleep with your phone in a separate room entirely—Sleep Cycle (available for iOS and Android) can help you track and analyze your nighttime habits. Then you can optimize the times you fall asleep and wake up, leaving you as well-rested as possible.

Resolution: Give back

If only it were as easy to volunteer for a project as it is to order food online. Thanks to newcomer DEED (available for iOS), it is. Geared toward projects in the New York City area, the app makes volunteering both easy and fun thanks to its social integration and intuitive UX. DEED has teamed up with more than 75 organizations so that volunteers can sign up for a range of high-impact projects. Not based in New York? Try GiveGab for a similar experience.

Resolution: Be more mindful

Meditation’s been proven to change the brain, resulting in improved concentration, relaxation, and mindfulness. Thanks to apps like Headspace (available for iOS and Android), all it takes is a few taps and 10 uninterrupted minutes to channel your inner zen. For those new to meditation, Headspace offers a free introductory series (10 10-minute sessions) aimed at reducing stress and improving overall well-being. Additional sessions are available for purchase as you go, and can be tailored to fit your mood or lifestyle. Think of it as a gym membership for your mind.

Photo: Adam Saraceno

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