As This London Tech Company Grows, Its Office Grows Along With It

46 desks WeWork Moorgate

Finding flexible office space was tough, but opening its HQ at WeWork allowed appScatter to expand around the city and across the world

WeWork Moorgate
Moorgate, London

When appScatter was looking for office space, one of the main goals was finding a place that could grow along with them.

“We knew that we were going to grow quite quickly,” says Jason Hill, Chief Revenue Officer for the rapidly expanding mobile strategy platform. The company had big plans, and didn’t want to spend precious time thinking about real estate.

The company was based in Boston at the time, and found exactly what they were looking for at WeWork South Station. They could start off with an office for their six-person team, knowing that they could easily take more space down the road.

“For us, it was the ease of being able to select a smaller office space to start with,” says Hill. “As we grew, we could just expand.”

AppScatter’s management team already had strong contacts in the U.K., so they decided that relocating there would help them secure the funding necessary to get to the next level. When the company moved its headquarters to London, naturally it moved into another WeWork space — this time WeWork Moorgate.

About 70 percent of WeWork customers are potential appScatter customers. Putting ourselves as part of that community makes perfect business sense.

Jason Hill

By this point the team had exploded in size to 46 people working from two different offices in WeWork Moorgate.

The time was right for the company to go public. Its IPO on the London Stock Market in September impressed the experts. Stock prices soared, giving the company a market capitalization of more than $60 million.

The company is looking forward to even more expansion within the next six months, this time globally.

“We have to open up in Berlin and San Francisco, and we are taking WeWork spaces in both those cities,” Hill says. “We know what we’re getting, we know how it works, and it just fits with what we want. Having that peace of mind is really important to us.”

Hill says that there are plenty of other tech-focused companies at WeWork, and that “just being around like-minded businesses is helpful.” It’s a great way to continue growing the business.

“About 70 percent of Wework customers are potential appScatter customers,” explains Hill. “Putting ourselves as part of that community makes perfect business sense.”

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