Get cycling and save 20% on Santander Cycles, in partnership with TfL

Ride and Shine

Sign up to recieve your member discount on the TfL website and reduce the cost to just 20p per day. Your community team can give you the discount code. To register online, you need to buy a key for £3 to hire a bike. Or, you can download the Santander Cycles app to register and hire a bike, and you don’t need to buy a key.

We've partnered with Transport for London as a part of the Active Travel Campaign to give our members 20% off a Santander Cycles year long membership. Improve your health, save money, and see London in a new light, all at the same time.

Ride and shine

Ride and shine


On average, members of the scheme make around 166 trips per year, cycling for a whopping 325 miles over 35 hours. This reduces an individuals CO2 emissions by 554kg*.

Everytime we choose to cycle, we make an environmentally friendly choice that has an impact on our air quality, our emissions, and our planet. If each one of us chooses to cycle to work--even one or two days per week--then that impact is even greater. Whether you want to start cycling to work, between meetings, or are interested in cycling more in general, Santander Cycles is a great way to get started. There are over 750 docking stations around London, making it easy to find one near you, and wherever you need to get to.

Exercise like cycling is proven to help battle stress, anxiety, and depression; it helps you sleep better, improves your memory and ability to think creatively. It is one of the highest ranking forms of exercise for defeating bad mental health days.

Who wouldn't want to go for a ride?

Santander Cycle docking station

Santander Cycle docking station

Pedal Power

From reduction in CO2 to health improvements, we'll soon start updating this page showcasing what we've learned about our collective efforts. See how a small choice from each of us can have a big impact when we're making them together.

Let's inspire each other to keep going and lend support to everyone who wants to ride and shine.

Ride together

Ride together

For details on ClassPass memberships, visit

Disclaimer: WeWork membership will be activated immediately upon signup and membership fee will be prorated to end of the month, so sign up early to make the best use of the promotion.

How to Redeem the Offer

Online Sign-up

  1. Visit our online sign-up page for WeWork 60 Anson Road or WeWork 22 Cross Street
  2. Input the promo code at checkout: WWHD67143. Promo code only applicable for WeWork 60 Anson Road and WeWork 22 Cross Street
  3. Input your details and make payment online
  4. Come to see the Community Manager at your building to get your complimentary ClassPass membership

Want to Tour the Space?

  1. Visit WeWork 60 Anson Road or WeWork 22 Cross Street
  2. Sign up for a tour with your preferred time and date
  3. Our team will contact you shortly to schedule your tour

Términos y condiciones

*The carbon calculation is derived from this calculator with the assumption that a member has switched their trips from car to bike.
This promo gives members 20% off a year long membership to Santander Cycles. Applicable to new memberships only. Only WeWork members and WeWork employees are eligible for this discount.

*Standard TfL Ts&Cs and tariff sructures apply.