A Passport to Workspace

When your organization is rapidly growing in markets at home or abroad, you need workspace that meets your teams and clients wherever they may be. With our flexible, global access solutions, you and your employees will have a passport to hundreds of locations around the world.

Get in touch, and we’ll provide you a passport for your business’s global needs.

As Global as You

From Beijing to Boston, we have a global portfolio that provides agile, cost-effective solutions to accommodate your business’s growing regional and global teams. Wherever your employees go, they’ll be able to pop into hundreds of our inspiring spaces. Also, with our advanced software and technology your company will have access to invaluable data-driven analytics to better understand how your teams are using their global spaces.

Dynamic Spaces for Your Needs

Our spaces are as dynamic and versatile as your team. Whatever the day throws at them, we have a workspace that fits their needs. From fully-equipped meeting rooms to hot desks across the globe, event spaces to lounges, we build each of our work environments with your team in mind. Beautifully designed but grounded in functionality, teams will appreciate our printing stations, private phone booths, and collaborative work nooks. Our design and architecture teams can even design customized touchdown spaces in your key locations.

Empower Your Team Anywhere

We design and create with your employees in mind. With global access, the world is your office. Teams will be empowered in our beautifully designed spaces and vibrant communities, and will be closer than ever to your customers. Plus, your employees will have the comfort of knowing that they’ll have a workspace and dedicated WeWork community management team waiting for them at any of our worldwide locations.