The perfect meeting space

At WeWork, form follows function. We’ve used behavioural research and state-of-the-art technology to study when, how, and why people meet, and to craft the ideal spaces for any forum. With clever designs and customised art, you’ll find refreshing meeting spaces that inspire and impress.
Getting access to our meeting spaces is as simple as picking a plan.

Keep it confidential

WeWork members use credits to reserve these spaces.

Present: Share your big ideas with big groups of people. You’ll find Presentation Rooms for up to 25, with A/V equipment, modular seating arrangements, and console tables for snacks and refreshments. Our locations also include a number of theatre-style conference rooms for your next pitch or lecture.

Host: Give all your executive stakeholders a seat at the table. Our Boardrooms offer elevated C-Suite experiences with luxury seating, marble tables, and tools for screen sharing—but reimagined with modern touches like patterned wallpaper and flooring.

Collaborate: Get your team on the same page. Our Conference Rooms bring comfort to the modern meeting space, with custom-made furniture, whiteboards, cast-enabled LCDs, and painted murals. Teams of 2 to 10+ have everything they need to work on new ideas. You can even phone in a remote collaborator.

Ideate: amplify and capture your team’s creativity. Our Brainstorm Rooms feature standup-friendly furniture and whiteboard walls. With fruit water, micro-roasted coffee and tea, you can keep the creative juices flowing.

Connect in the open

WeWork members use these spaces at their leisure.

One-on-One: Take the deep dive, together. Our outdoor terraces and banquette nooks offer workspaces designed for more intimate conversations. There’s nothing like a comfortable setting to help build strong partnerships.

Get Together: Sit down with your team, any time you like. We’ve got lounges and breakout rooms with plush seating and note-taking tools for an off-the-cuff meeting. Just sit down, sync up, and be out.

Dial In: Call your marketing manager—or your mum. Our private, soundproofed phone booths are great for when you can’t talk at your desk. Video conferencing instead? Wood paneling makes for a pretty ideal backdrop.

Interview: Woo new recruits with a refreshing chat overlooking the garden or at our coffee bar to see if there’s a real culture fit. Many areas include cheerful spots for honest, enticing introductions.

Go beyond the boardroom

WeWork members choose from a variety of unique spaces. From sun-lit terraces and whiteboard-walled rooms to soundproof phone booths and cozy conversation nooks, there’s space for any kind of chat.

Temporary office space made easy

After your meeting’s over, chances are good you’ll want to stick around. Our membership plans offer access to our global professional network, and to our wide range of workspaces. With more than 400 locations, we offer turnkey, cost-effective solutions focused around flexible terms and ease of use. Come and stay a while.