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Mercer Future of Work Technology Sprint

Interested startups that fit the technology focus areas below can apply here through July 25 (extended). Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

WeWork Labs, WeWork’s program that provides early-stage startups with the space, global community and educational resources to help grow their business, in partnership with Mercer, the world's largest human resources consulting firm, is launching a new exploration into the future of work. For this partnership program, WeWork Labs is recruiting leading startups focused on the future of work to join an 8-week proof-of concept technology sprint, where startups will pilot their technologies and co-develop new business opportunities with Mercer. This program takes ZERO EQUITY and is FREE for selected startups. Those selected for the program will be invited to join WeWork Labs and Mercer this July in New York City for a two-day intensive kickoff, followed by an 8-week virtual program of piloting preparation and facilitation within Mercer business units. At the end of the program, startups will be invited back to New York for an innovation showcase to present their pilots in front of Mercer + WeWork stakeholders, as well as leading representatives from corporate partners in related industries.

Training and Development

Technologies that focus on employee assessment and skills measurement, industry needs projection and trends analysis, educational and job training, as well as skills and job matching tools will be a fit for this category -- in light of rapidly evolving workforce, based on globalization, automation, and other key technological trends.

AI & Chatbots

Chatbots and related technologies designed to support chatbot products, particularly those those that can help support and simplify interactions between employees of large organizations and HR systems, including in areas such as recruitment, onboarding, operations, etc. Specifically, AI chatbot integration and consolidation services, NLP and core AI conversational tech, database analysis and ingestion into conversational systems, and voice to chat offerings.

Big Data

To help create actionable insights into a company’s HR systems, startups focusing on big data, specifically historical and trend datasets covering HRIS (demographic info, geography, salary, etc), health insurance (employee plan type, contribution amounts, FSA spending, etc), retirement (eligibility status, roth contribution percentages, defined contribution balance, etc), and voluntary benefits (life insurance level, supplemental LTD eligibility, ESPP contribution rate) will be considered for this category.

Workforce Utilization + Employee Pathing

Technologies that can help utilize and support a company’s aging/retiring employees, specifically products and tools focused on skills development, job assessment and career advancement, health and wellness services, social engagement and self-development, and financial guidance will be considered for this category.


Technologies focused on the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) market, specifically onboarding and documentation (e.g. HRIS), training and employee education, culture, surveys, and engagement, performance review and analysis, payroll systems and analysis, benefits and savings plans, and time-off and attendance tracking will be considered for this category.

About Mercer

A leading global HR consulting firm, Mercer has offered strategic guidance and brokerage services to a significant portion of the world’s largest companies for nearly 75 years. Supporting clients in areas including health, wealth, and careers, Mercer allows organizations to best take advantage of their most important asset, their people. Today for the first time, Mercer is opening up structured access to its unique expertise, resources, and relationships for select innovation partnership opportunities, and is currently seeking top startups with cutting edge products we can help bring to clients to expand the suite of offerings our company delivers.

About WeWork Labs

WeWork Labs ist die optimale Mischung aus Community, Weiterbildung, Kontakten und Mentorenprogrammen, um den Start-up-Weg einschlagen und zusammen mit uns wachsen zu können. Wir bieten Start-ups in Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen Inkubatoren und Accelerators eine ganzheitliche, langfristige Unterstützung entlang ihres gesamten Wegs. In erster Linie setzen wir uns dafür ein, den Start-up-Prozess menschlicher zu gestalten, Nichtausgrenzung und Vielfalt zu fördern sowie Menschen miteinander in Kontakt zu bringen.