Expanding Rapidly, FuelNOW Looks to WeWork to Power its Growth

6 desks in WeWork Houston Galleria

Revolutionizing a Traditional Industry, the Company Needed a Place Where Staffers Around the Country Could Collaborate

WeWork Houston Galleria
Houston, Texas

WeWork isn’t the only collaborative workspace in Houston, but it is the only one with offices all over the world. And that’s exactly what’s appealing to Bridgette Penel, Chief Customer Officer for FuelNOW Network.

“Our team is spread out all over the place,” says Penel, whose office is at WeWork Houston Galleria. “Our product manager is in Michigan, and our data architect is in Arkansas. But if they need to get together for a meeting, they can do it at a WeWork.”

FuelNOW allows wholesalers, retailers, and drivers take advantage of user-friendly technology to successfully track their progress—think of it as the Uber for fuel delivery.

“Talking with people in the industry, it was clear that the old pen-and-paper method of tracking deliveries just wasn’t efficient,” says Penel. “And that’s what a lot of the drivers were still using. We saw the need for creating a simple, easy-to-use technology that would standardize the process.”

We needed a space to come together and collaborate. And we needed a place that would help us as we grow. WeWork lets us do both.

Bridgette Penel, Chief Customer Officer

The result? Faster, smarter fuel deliveries.

Building a company is nothing new to Penel, who has a couple of her own startup companies under her belt. She’s also worked for multibillion dollar corporations. She knows that the best person for a particular job doesn’t necessarily live within easy driving distance. They sometimes live across the country, or halfway around the world.

Being based at WeWork lets FuelNow hire the best available talent, whether it’s in Houston or farther afield, knowing that they can provide an office at WeWork.

“We’re going to be doubling or tripling our operations pretty fast,” says Penel. “If we hire someone in Denver, we can make sure they have an office that has the same amenities as we have here in Houston.”

As the company grows—currently there are close to 40 staffers—Penel will need to travel to meet with potential new hires. WeWork provides her an office wherever she goes.

“I think it’s a value-added dimension to what WeWork offers,” she says. “I won’t be the only one in my company who needs to travel. We’ll be going international. WeWork is already international. This puts us one step ahead of the game.”

One other thing that Penel appreciates about WeWork: a company culture that promotes making a life, not just a living.

“WeWork gives companies a place to work, but not only work,” says Penel. “There’s a community aspect that we find very appealing. A good work-life balance is very much a part of our company culture, and WeWork understands that and promotes that. WeWork is a company that’s very much about the whole person.”

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