Going plastic free



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Our goal is to make WeWork as planet-friendly as possible, so we are doing all we can to reduce our consumption of single use plastic to zero. By working together we can all make a positive impact on our environment.

A life-long friend

The plastic cups dotted around our spaces are going, so we’re giving every member their own reusable water bottle. This is a bottle for life which you can use to cut down your personal plastic consumption in a heartbeat.

There will be glasses available for any guests whose thirsts need quenching during the day, but we kindly ask that you keep them in the community areas and use your water bottles to stay hydrated.

What rubbish!

New bins, better recycling. We’ve added recycling bins in the offices - green for mixed recycling, black for general waste - so please split your rubbish properly between them. In the pantry area you will find food waste bins for food.

Detail oriented

We’ve changed our mouthwash cups so that these are now compostable. As well as recycling our coffee, at the barista station we’ve removed the plastic stirrers and swapped the coffee cups for compostable versions. Even your milk in the fridges will no longer come in plastic bottles. Little things matter, too!


We will do anything and everything we can to make this work, but the ball is in your court now. If you have any questions or feedback please reach out to the Sustainability Champion on your Community Team.