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Closet queen: 99dresses founder on business plans, accelerators & fashion startups

Nikki Durkin, 22, loves to shop. So it’s not surprising that she found herself in a situation that countless women find themselves in: She was…


7 tips for running a successful B2B Facebook contest

Facebook contests are ubiquitous. Scroll your News Feed for more than 10 seconds and there’s a good chance you’ll be prompted to enter one. While…

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Outsourcing: How to make the most of a small team

Although chaos isn’t a word that startups want married to their businesses, sometimes I feel that they go hand-in-hand: The product or concept is constantly…

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Keeping it local: How one entrepreneur is going to change the way we eat

The term “fast food” is not one frequently associated with health and wellness nor does it bring to mind visions of locally sourced organic produce….

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How to storify yourself to stand out

The golden age of the multi-billion dollar businesses may well be behind us. Startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are armed with more resources…


Starting a business: What type of entity should I create?

Starting a company is risky, and many startups fail. Even if things go well, someone might sue the business. One of the primary reasons for…


Want to reach more customers? Consider personalization

In a relentlessly competitive marketplace, knowing what your customers want and promoting your products in the right way, with the right context, and at the…

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Entrepreneurship is the ticket to freedom

Let’s face it: It’s inevitable that you will hit the dreaded workout plateau and be bored with your usual routine. When you’re forced to change…


5 reasons I work at a startup (and why you should too)

It was the end of 2011 and I had officially “escaped the city.” Rewind to twelve months ago. I was working in healthcare, running a…


Starting a business? Do these 7 things before you launch

Don’t have a business idea yet? Follow my tips on what you should do until you finally develop that business idea you’ve been waiting for. So…